Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA)

The Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) is supported by the European Commission to promote networking between past and current beneficiaries of Marie Curie research funding. The MCAA was founded in 2013, and welcomes not only individual Marie Curie fellows, experienced, and early-stage researchers, but also the coordinators and supervisors of the Marie Curie projects, who work in the host organisations. The MCAA board invites you to join MCAA and take part in their working groups and/or geographic chapters. So why not take a few minutes to check out their web-site to see what they offer? If you like what you see, it only takes a few minutes to register (for free!) as a Marie Curie alumnus/a.

Whether you are still involved in a current Marie Curie project, or were involved in a now-completed project and have already moved to another challenging assignment, they can offer you a whole range of useful information, services and facilities that they plan to enhance over the coming months and years. There are now well over 9000 alumni registered on the MCAA web-site; they are busy interacting with each other via the various facilities on offer. Until now, some 100K researchers have benefited from a Marie Curie Fellowship; that is a huge networking potential, so join and help build this interactive community.

To join the MCAA simply ‘Sign up’ here. You then simply need to complete the registration form. They require a minimum of information that confirms to them that you are indeed a Marie Curie Alumnus/a: the more precise the information you provide, the quicker they can accept your registration. Once you have completed the form (both tabs), click on the ‘Sign up’ button. The system will send you an automatic message confirming reception of the form. Once they authorise the request (this can sometimes take a little time while they cross-check information), the system sends another automatic message confirming your admission – you can then log-in and complete your profile, and start networking with other Marie Curie Alumni.