Last spring, I was selected for a Marie Curie fellowship in Lattice QCD within the framework of the HPC-LEAP program. My new adventure started in Wuppertal at the beginning of September. Between the 14th and 16th of September 2015, I participated in the HPC-LEAP kickoff meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus. During these days, I discovered Cyprus, a fabulous island, and I had the pleasure to know the other fellows and supervisors of the doctorate program.

On the first day of the meeting, there was the launching ceremony: during this event, the representatives from the Universities involved in this program explained the importance of High Performance Computing in Life Sciences, Engineering and Physics: it was a very exciting moment for me, because I could know people with many years of experience in HPC. I would like to specialize in this area, which is very important nowadays.

On the second day, all the fellows had the possibility to explain briefly their master’s thesis. It was a very interesting moment, because I could know better my new and very nice mates. Then, we planned our own research work for the next three years, together with our supervisors and mentors. In the evening, there was a dinner in a typical cypriot restaurant, where we had the opportunity to stay together and have fun.

On the last day  we went for a walk in the old city of Nicosia; it was a really wonderful day for me, because I love travelling and discovering new places.
I think that the schedule of the meeting was great: a right mix of science, social relationships and fun. I hope that we will all meet again during this program.


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