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  • Lyu, W., Rossetti, G., Christophides, G., Natile, G., Arnesano, F. & Carloni, P. Effect of post-translational modifications of HMGB1 box-A on the interface of cisplatin-DNA adducts. In preparation.

  • Brockman, A., MacCallum, R. & Christophides, G. HPC DREME for unsupervised multi-species Cis regulatory element detection. In preparation.

  • Tarenzi, T., Calandrini, V., Potestio, R., Giorgetti, A. & Carloni, P. Multiscale simulation approach for accurate drug affinity predictions using low-resolution protein models. In preparation.

  • Gupta, A., Belardinelli, D., Sbragaglia, M., Xue, X. and Toschi, F. (2017) Effects of thermal fluctuations in geometry mediated droplet break-up: a Lattice Botlzmann Study. In preparation.
  • Tauzin, G., Biferale, L., Sbragaglia, M., Gupta, A., Toschi, F., Bartel, A. & Ehrhardt, M. (2017) Implicit sub-grid scale modeling within Entropic Lattice Boltzmann: Lessons from the 2D case. In preparation.

  • C. Alexandrou, S. Bacchio, P. Dimopoulos, J. Finkenrath, R. Frezzotti, K. Jansen, B. Kostrzewa, M. Mangin-Brinet, F. Sanfilippo, S. Simula, C. Urbach,U. Wenger.(2017) "The pion vector form factor from Lattice QCD at the physical point. submitted to Phys. Rev., D, arxiv:1710.10401.